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Deed Transfers & Real Estate Documentation

With the assistance of the law firm of Farinash & Stofan, Hatcher Title & Escrow Agency provides document preparation services relating to Tennessee and Georgia property.

Hatcher Title & Escrow Agency offers deed preparation in accordance with applicable law. More complicated documentation, including easement agreements, commercial loan documents, attorney opinion letters, commercial and residential leases, subordination and non-disturbance agreements, lease-purchase agreements, and purchase and sale contract, are provided through our in-house law firm, Farinash & Stofan.

We can help you navigate your residential or commercial real estate transaction by addressing:

  • Transfer tax issues
    Learn whether or not transfer tax is applicable and if your property is eligible for certain transfer tax exclusions.
  • Title search
    The title search assures good and clear title to the property you are purchasing, and identifies any mortgages or liens which must be paid and released at closing, and lists all restrictions, easements which might exist in the chain of title.
  • Chain of title
    Your policy of title insurance, among many other things, insures the purchaser over any questions of identity, corporate authority, deed defects, or any other questions which might exist in your chain of title. We can also assist you in obtaining and quantifying all the relevant transfers of title and other recorded documentation associated with your property.
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What is a Deed?

A deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of real estate from one party to another. All current owners of the property must sign the deed transferring the property to the grantee. For those wishing to add or remove a party from the real estate title, a new deed must be executed.

A general Warranty Deed contains a seller’s warranty of good title and a commitment to defend it against all claims of ownership. This is the strongest deed and the most preferred.

A Quitclaim Deed is sometimes utilized to clear up a title defect, and contains no warranties. The grantor merely conveys whatever interest she may have, whatever that might be.

A deed may contain a right of survivorship, so that when one owner dies, the other owner receives title to the entire property. If you desire this relative to your closing, please discuss this with your title attorney.